Ubisoft Combat of Giants™

Ubisoft Combat of Giants™

In the most epic of adventures. You control the most impressive creatures of all time in fierce combats for survival on Nintendo DS


Each Combat of Giants™ : Mutant Insects video game comes with a card game deck.
Each deck includes 14 cards: 4 creatures and 10 gems cards.
The complete game includes 54 cards, with 4 Mutant Insects races: Scorpions, Spiders, Mantises and Flies!
Each creature is linked to an environment: Lava for Scorpions, Swamp for Spiders; Forest for Mantises and Snow for Flies.

Before You Battle

Two players can play.
Players receive 7 cards each: 2 Mutant Insects cards and 5 Gems card.
Note: If players each have their own deck, these shouldn’t be merged. Instead, each player can split their set of cards into two separate stacks, one for the Mutant Insects Cards and the other for the Gem cards and use them in combat.

Understanding Your Powers

Your powers come from the Mutant Insect you send into battle and the Gems you choose to equip

Setting up the Combat Arena

Players must separate their Mutant Insect and Gem cards into two separate stacks.
Once the cards are separated, they must be shuffled.
Both stacks are placed face down – the Mutant Insects stack to the left of the combat arena and the Gem stack to the right of the combat arena. Without looking, each player must select two Mutant Insect cards from the stack. Once the cards are selected, the player can look at his cards; however, he should not show them to his opponent. In the case where the players share the same deck, only two Mutant Insect cards will be available for each.

Both players must then place one of the selected Mutant Insect cards on the combat arena face up – this is called the Leader Mutant. The additional Mutant Insect card is placed face up behind the leader mutant – this is the Follower Mutant.
Both players must take the five available Gem cards in hand.

Note: If players each have their own deck of cards, they must pick five Gem cards from the top of their respective Gem stack. Each player must have two separate graveyard zones; one graveyard for discarding Gem cards and one graveyard for discarding defeated Mutant Insects.

Battle Rules

Each player must choose one Gem card from their hand and place it face up on the combat arena.
Both players must place their gem card at the same time.
The Gem card that has the highest strength wins. Strength is defined by the Gem strength value, combined with the strength bonuses that are indicated on both Mutant Insect and Gem cards.
The ideal card combination is then to match the Mutant Insect and the gem to combine bonuses. Players must be careful though, as opponent card bonuses such as blocks can decrease or even cancel the total value of the players’ cards, so it’s better to make sure all bonuses are taken into account before declaring the winning player!

At the end of each turn, the losing player’s Mutant Insect suffers one damage point.
Here’s an example of a battle round:

In this case, Banafrit wins the round.