Ubisoft Combat of Giants™

Ubisoft Combat of Giants™

In the most epic of adventures. You control the most impressive creatures of all time in fierce combats for survival on Nintendo DS

Combat of Giants™: Mutant Insects

In a far distant future, a gigantic asteroid went out of orbit and collided with Earth. This terrible catastrophe left only ruins in its wake, forever changing Earth’s landscape... and its inhabitants. Insects, the most adaptable form of life on Earth, have mutated to transform into massive giants and became the new rulers of the planet. As one of 4 mutated Insects, travel through the barely recognizable lands while battling gigantic enemies to find the source of the mutation. Your goal? Become the strongest mutant insect on the planet and survive in the chaos!

Choose your Mutant Insect:

  • The Scorpions, massive figures within their rock and molten lava armor.
  • The Mantises, covered with sharpened blades of bamboo branches.
  • The Spiders, sporting huge toxic bulbs expelling poisonous fumes.
  • The Flying Ants, with their rapid wings and razor-sharp icy edges.

Explore each one of their universes!

  • The world of Combat of Giants™: Mutant Insects is made of 11 maps all with their own unique challenges.
  • Explore 4 mysterious territories (Ruined City, Lava Desert, Bamboo Forest and Swamps).
  • Dig your way through, exploring underground caverns and use your special power to see through the fog to seek out enemies lurking in the dark depths.
  • Mutant Insects can crush game elements (trucks; street lights; huts) simply by walking over them, gaining health orbs and golden gems as a reward.
  • Use your spit attack to trigger objects at a distance.
  • Encounter many different hazards, such as critter lairs and bottomless pits
  • Use your golden gems to buy cool stuff like new Mutant Insects; more colours, powers and upgrades!

Fight for survival!

  • Immersive combat system with more direct control over your fighter
  • New boxing phase based on attack / counterattack actions and more fast-paced combats
  • Real-time actions: Moving, blocking, evading, hitting, and building up combo moves
  • 6 different special powers can be triggered which all have dramatic effect on the outcome of the battle: Fire, Ice, Poison, Shock, Regenerate and Reflect
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