Ubisoft Combat of Giants™

Ubisoft Combat of Giants™

In the most epic of adventures. You control the most impressive creatures of all time in fierce combats for survival on Nintendo DS

Dinosaurs were amazing giant creatures, that lived more than 200 MILLION years ago!

There were several types of Dinosaurs, from Horned to Meat Eaters, Bonehead to Bird-Footed, and even Armored ones! All different sizes and shapes, they ruled the Earth for millions of years long before Humans ever existed. Before disappearing, they fought fierce battles for food and survival. These clashes left historical traces that today allow us today to discover what they looked like and how they lived. Dinosaurs still remain the biggest and strongest creatures to have ever existed on Earth!

The best way to know everything about them

and have fun with them is to take up the challenge of the Combat of Giants™: Dinosaurs memory game!